The Heros journey 

This whole idea of the Hero’s Journey gave me hope. It left me in awe when I first discovered it. I remember sitting in English and the teacher said we were watching a movie and well usually I would just zone out into another world, while watching a movie in class. That didn’t happen this time. I was transfixed by this concept of the Hero’s Journey. If you’ve never heard of it, you’re about to so here’s what it is. it’s this tale by a scholar that has this theory that every movie is the same. It can be taken as to yourself you can place any average day human in this. I do it all the time I think of this when a conflict arises. In a movie or in real life Someone is comfortable in their living situation at the moment and they’re used to it and everything’s alright. Then something awful happens that messes It up. And that’s the conflict which if you place yourself right now in that, as in what’s wrong and what’s making you unhappy. You have to fight it and overcome it to come to your gold your goal where you’re really supposed to be and be happy there the real you the happy you. Going through your conflict and facing it and fighting it makes you a hero when you come to a resolution. Think of the wizard of oz Dorothy has this tornado ruin everything for her which is what’s hurting her and symbolizes the pain and conflict she’s facing. When she’s in this other world she has these ruby slippers the whole time she’s facing the conflict that could take her back home.She Does not use the easy way out she faces her conflict, and makes it back home once she gets to the end of the yellow brick road. This makes her a hero. We all have to face our yellow brick road, to become a hero and reach our gold. Everything has its way in this world and know if you’re going through something right now it’s not the end and you can make it, and you will.


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