Natural, is it right or wrong 

Dear society,

Why do you wear makeup you’re so pretty without it? Ew she wears to much makeup. You could really use something to cover up that zit, or get rid of your blemishes. Wow daughter you look so beautiful with lipstick. Oh honey you should stop wearing makeup it ruins your skin.

All of these are things I have heard come out of someone’s mouth. What do you want from us girls do you want us to wear makeup or do you want us not to. How about this you don’t tell us what to do with our body’s or our faces ever. Because it is ours, and we have the right to do whatever we want with it.

You tell us not to wear makeup because natural is so much better, since natural beauty is what really matters. You make fun of women by saying you should take them swimming on a first date to see what they really look like. Then you tell them that they look beautiful when we wear a mask covering our natural beauty. What do you really want from us?

Natural-something I’ve grown to be confused by, something I don’t know is right or wrong



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