The messy effect

The messy effect an Movement of change and to not conform to society’s rules. You have a voice and you can make a difference.

You were born into your body, you have to stop comparing yourself to others. You will never be anyone else but yourself. This is the body you were born into and this is the mind you were placed with. You can always change it or you can always grow. You have to stop thinking that the current placement you’re in is the end or your final destination, because it’s not. You have a voice and you can make a change. You were put on this planet to make a change with no rule book, or guide. You have the power to do so much more than what you may expect. Just by not confining to society’s rules. Breaking the mold, break what’s called normal be weird be different. People don’t like it when we don’t conform, they don’t like it when people do something outside of the box. When we don’t do what is seen as normal. They want everyone to be clones of each other so nothing “bad happens” so everything is “peaceful and calm.” We need to create an awareness that everyone has the power, to make a change and that everyone has a voice. We need more positivity in this world. We’re at a bad time where so many people are depressed, and that depression is seen as cool. We need an awakening, you have to stop doing everything that everyone else is doing. One day someone will look at you one day and be like wow their different I’m going to try and be like them, it’s the domino effect. you should want to live and you should be empowered. The generation of the now is society. We can change things. We need stop blaming others and saying you can’t because of some kind of social pressure, because you are creating that when you acknowledge that.

The messy effect is an movement to awakening your brain.


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