Spark of madness

You mustn’t ever loose your little spark of madness, you only get one. I want to keep my craziness when I’m old, I don’t ever want to lose it. My spark of craziness is what makes me really feel alive! It’s like I’m invincible and I can do anything if I set my mind to it. When I’m with my friends I feel it the most. I get this care free soul that appears, and I just feel so alive and happy. Spontaneous I’m in love with it I’m in love with wild.

Today I went to a lake and my friends and I went into the natural trail and found a small beach off of the trial. We jumped into the water and swam very far. We swam to a dock where we jumped off. Then swam back to the little beach. These little sparks of craziness and spontaneous adventures is when you will really feel alive. You can not be scared to do something you would never do before, because then you are scared to live and try new things. This world is full of so many unexplored places and things and I will never live long enough to find them and enjoy them. It’s a shame.
When I have gray hair and wrinkles I still want to have this feeling of being alive. I can’t put words to the feeling it’s something you have to have to really know. It’s as if I’m invincible and I can do anything and everything.
As we walked back from the lake we were walking past an beer festival. We ran into an lady maybe in her 70’s and yes of course she was drunk. It wasn’t the beer that seemed to place the liveliness in her it seemed like this was actually who she was. She was having fun and talking to anyone she wanted, rambling on about her grandson. She even pooled danced, and craziness part was that she stopped a random bus got on then got kicked off. She looked as if her soul was really alive at the moment.
People look down on you if you do something wild and spontaneous. But all that really matters is that your living and your having fun. Instead of just watching from the sidelines and wishing that you could do something like that. Now I’m not telling you to do randomly start pool dancing but I am telling you to go out live your life, and experience new things.


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