Conformity and rebellion

A response to the messy heads chance to get in their next magazine. In their “words of wisdom from our readers section.” The obstacle was to answer the question, “how are you a rebel in your everyday life?” This is my response.

I come from a small town which to me if it was a shape it would be a square. There’s a square shape box around me and I try my best to tear it apart. I’m sure like any other high school if you don’t fit the mold you’re then labelled as an outcast, or a rebel. If you’re living by your own set of rules and not by society’s, your environment, or by peer pressure, then you’re weird or are looking for trouble. At Least that’s what I’ve been told, but I don’t think it’s true. You’re bound to be labeled as something, but if being labeled as an rebel means that I don’t have to be pushed around, then by all means label me. High school is very cliquey and if the popular seem to not like you then they bully you. I’ve never understood how someone could do that, how could someone be so mean. To bully someone because they like something different and their not you. if you’ve ever been bullied then you know how bad it hurts. It’s as if people were bullied into living in fear of being different, no one wants to stick out like a sore thumb. However what’s the fun of doing what you’re told to do. There is no fun that’s the answer, all you get rewarded with is being just another and blending in. Why would you want to conform to that? Don’t you want to be a rebel and live by your own rules. I’m a rebel because I’m not you. I like what I like not what you like. I have my own taste in music. My own sense of style. My very own passions, hobbies, and goals. I even have my own story, if hiding all your own interest is what makes you feel better than do it. But know that when you’re not afraid to stick out like a sore thumb anymore, there’s so many more people than me that won’t criticize you. I bet you you’re not the only one. So don’t be afraid to be a rebel and stick out.


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