The noise

Staring into the night sky on the ground of a parking lot could never feel more peaceful than now. The only noise around was the faint sound of the flickering lights and the laughter of the people who fill their sorrows with a numbing liquid, but it sounded like pure Ecstasy to my ears. The noise wrapped itself around me and lured me into it. It entranced me and ran through my bones as if it was telling me to never forget and to never let go. It made me feel infinite yet it was a melancholy feeling, since I knew this was one of the last times I would ever feel like this again. 

As a fought for control I stood up and started walking away from the noise and away from the scene that had once entranced me. Yet a buzzing noise followed me that could only be heard from inside my head telling me to appreciate it and give it the attention it wanted before it was too late. So i told the buzzing that I appreciate it and I love it more than anything in the world and it left me with a bit of itself. That told me to not be like everyone and learn to appreciate the flickering lights and the purple sky with the ones I love before it’s to late and I’m gone away from this town. Yet I have always said that I want to get away from the heartland and never return. I guess you could call me a hypocrite because now I want to stay entangled and entranced in the buzzing noise that told me to never forget the flickering lights and the laughter of the drowning sorrows.


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